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Tunnel Car Wash

The Direct Connection provides products to serve all aspects of Appearance and Reconditioning for Commercial Car Washes, including:
High and Low pH pre soaks, Tri Foams, Rinse Agents, Clear Coat Protectors,All Purpose Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Interior Cleaning Products, Tire&Wheel Cleaners, Dressings, Paint Correction, Compounds, Polishes, Glazes, Waxes, Sealants, Fragrances, Aerosoles, Pads, Brushes, Applicators, Towels, Buffers&Polishers, Extractors, and Power Washers.  We also provide a full range of retail products for Point-of-Sale displays.

Please select our catalog for a complete listing and product description.

All of our customer service personnel are experienced in managing high volume detail and/or commercial car wash operations.  They have the knowledge to recommend effective and safe solutions for your every need.

The Direct Connection will provide service and maintenance of the TUNNEL CARWASH SYSTEM, as well as a full line of buffers, polishers, extractors, pressure washers, and other equipment for the detailing process.  We also provide service and maintenance of the detailing equipment.

On-Site services provided for the TUNNEL CARWASH SYSTEM include:
Service Carwash Equipment per manufacturer’s specifications
Service Reclaim System & related equipment per manufacturer’s specifications

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